The International Workshop on AI-Powered Space

Dates: November 13-14, 2023

Location: The Ion, 4201 Main St, Houston, TX 77002

Attendees: Business Leaders with Technology focus, Technologists, Academicians, Startups

AI Houston Institute of Rice University, in collaboration with NASA is getting together experts from industry and academia working on the application of Artificial Intelligence in solving some of the most complex challenges facing the Space industry from multiple dimensions, starting with the design, operation and maintenance of reusable spacecrafts, to the impact of long-tenure space journey on the health of astronauts, to the impact of microgravity on scientific experiments, to the impact of satellites on communication, defense, weather forecast and sustainability. It will be a 2-day workshop covering the latest advances in AI – theory and practice, and their applicability in CORE Space (covering the Spacecraft, ORION, Mars Rover, Moon Base, Space habitat and other space-travel related areas) and Extended Space (covering the use of satellites for various applications, such as Communications, Defense, Climate Prediction, Sustainability etc.). There are several well-renowned speakers and panelists lined up from NASA, startups, industry and the academia. This workshop is expecting a gathering of technology and business leaders from the Space Industry and the startup community.

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